Asian Translation Services is a sworn translation service agency that has developed over the years in foreign and local language translations. In processing translations, we never use translation software such as Google Translate or such (only manual) so that the quality of our translation is much better and accurate.

Penerjemah Resmi dan Tersumpah

If you need a high quality sworn translation service provider, you could not choose a better place to get it. With years of translation service experience, our skills have become refined, and we have become a sworn translation service provider with a dedication of work to deliver reliable and trustworthy translations of our clients from time to time. 

Our services include translation of general documents, translation of legal documents, translation and localization of websites, translation of audio and video files, editing, and proofreading.

We have a competitive pricing scheme, meaning you will get a fixed price and you may bargain, but please do not ask us to reduce our quality, because the quality of translation is non-negotiable for us. We do our best to meet the needs of our customers so that our working hours are flexible. You can be sure that we work professionally in every meaning of the word. 

We are punctual and the translation results will be prepared, confirmed and in the format which was previously requested by the client if you are our new customer you can order a little in advance to ensure that our translation results are accurate and thorough in handling matters which are must be translated according to their fields, idioms, and contexts. 

Providing professionally polished translations to deliver the results exceeding client expectations is our priority. We strive to fulfill contractual obligations that will make customers satisfied so that we can build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. 

We are open to translation requests and inquiries. You may contact us at any time to entrust your translation project to us. 

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