Legal document translation requires a high degree of accuracy. A large business deal may be canceled if the customer’s translated document does not have the same meaning as the source document.

If the legal document translation is performed carelessly, the results may deviate far from the original intent and purpose, which may result in uncertainty for individuals and corporations of which documents have been translated. Even high-value business agreements may be canceled because the parties could misinterpret the contents of the translated legal documents. In terms of explaining legal documents, the risk is quite high.

In many cases, courts and governmental agencies often inevitably have to rely on translated documents to make decisions on civil and/or criminal cases. Therefore, the translation of documents must be flawless, official, and sworn.

In essence, inaccurate translation of legal documents will have serious legal consequences. Such is our understanding of the importance of translating legal documents. We hope you will entrust the translation of your legal documents to us. 

We are the experts in translating various types of legal documents. Below are the types of legal documents that we often translate:  

  • Adoption documents
  • Birth certificate
  • Diploma
  • Divorce Documents
  • Driving License
  • Legal documents
  • Contracts
  • Certificate/notification
  • Marriage certificate
  • Statement letter
  • Passport
  • Patents
  • Police Report
  • Rental agreement
  • Transcript

If you need a trusted translation service provider to translate your legal documents, please contact us.